How does it work?

H-trap-whyheader,  Professional horsefly control system 

Highly effective against horse flies. 

Protect Your Horses, Riders, and Trainers With Our Professional Horse Fly Trap.

Since they feed on blood, their aggressive stings are very painful not only for animals, such as horses and cows, but also for humans.

The new H-trap system effectively controls horse fly numbers,
reducing them to an absolute minimum.

H-trap-swimmingpool,  Professional horsefly control system The H-trap is designed to be placed outdoors, where it works without the need for chemicals or electricity.

Extensive independent trials have shown a reduction of 90-95% in horse fly numbers in areas protected by the H-trap can be realized.

The horse flies are ‘tricked’ into mistaking the centrally placed black ball in the H-trap as a large animal, such as your horse. Like the body of the horse, the ball emits heat which attract them to it.

Once they position on the black ball, they will investigate it and try to sting it. Since they will be unsuccessful in gaining their desired blood feed, they will follow their natural behaviour and fly away.

Horse flies naturally fly upwards, hood system, where they are guided into a centrally placed collection bin. This is filled with water and they die in the trap.

How to get the best out of your H-trap:

  • To maximise interception of horseflies before they reach their target prey, identify their likely flight paths from damp areas (ponds, riverbanks, etc) to where humans or animals congregate.  Professional horsefly control system 
  • Decide if more than one H-trap is required*
  • Position your H-trap(s) between these areas, but closer to places where animals congregate eg. stable yards.
  • Place your H-traps early, preferably just before the first adult horseflies emerge in April.  Professional horsefly control system 
  • Check traps weekly, emptying and topping up with soapy water as necessary.
  • If the H-trap is not catching sufficient numbers of flies, and you are sure adult emergence has started, reposition the trap.

*required H-traps in the field
– max. up to 5 horses or
– 10.000 m2 (100 x 100 m)


– User Friendly Set-Up
– Single leg for easy grounds keeping
– Anti-rotation ground anchor

– Weather Resistant Design
– Hot zinc dipped steel frame
– UV proof green conical hood
– UV proof collection bin

H-trap,  Professional horsefly control system 

H-trap,  Professional horsefly control system 

Horse flies are a constant nuisance, particularly during the period May – October in the northern hemisphere.

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Professional Horsefly Control System