a. H-trap. The complete package

Horseflies are a very painful nuisance when they bite humans and animals to feed on blood.

Their larvae hibernate in damp conditions around watercourses, lakes, ponds or marshy ground. The adults emerge from April onwards, presenting a constant problem to nearby horses, cattle and people.

The H-trap has been cleverly designed to take advantage of the horseflies natural behaviour, with independent tests showing a 90- 95% reduction in populations.

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Up to 5 horses or 10.000 m²

The H-trap consists of the following key features:

  • Steel-coated corrosion proof construction
  • Reduces the horsefly population by up to 95%
  • Anti-rotation anchor
  • Collect tray (more UV-stable)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Effective and easy control of horseflies
  • 2 years warranty on mechanical defects

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 1100 × 210 × 210 mm

1200 mm middle diameter, height above the ground is ±1,95m


black (ball) & green (Conical plastic hood)


hot zinc dipped mounting frame, thickness is 2.0 mm


approx. 15 kg


pump to inflate ball, plug clip (to remove the plug from the ball)


1 piece included in transport modules, which need to be assembled on location

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