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H-trap, powered by Alcochem Hygiene

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In 1974, Alcochem was founded. Alcochem Hygiene started in mid 2005 to produce a range of professional non-chemical pest control products for the global market.


The HQ is located in Nijkerk (Netherlands) and there are established sales offices in the Waalre (NL), Beijing (CH), Moscow (RUS) and Santiago (CL). Alcochem Hygiene currently operates in over 50 countries worldwide.


Development, innovation, production and logistics are key disciplines of Alcochem’s competences and has allowed the company to serve various industries. Operating around the globe, Alcochem Hygiene has built up an extensive network, that offers innovative and high quality products to the market.

Alcochem product service commitment About us.

Alcochem offers highly effective and durable products to their clientele. To live up to this, Alcochem’s H-trap unit comes with a 2 year warranty on mechanical defaults.

www.horseflytrap.co.ukFor more information of the H-trap product please go to: h-trap.net/es/producto/. For more information of other Alcochem Hygiene products please go to: alcochemhygiene.com/.